NZIDE n3 Partnership Programme

NZIDE works hard to support and provide value to their members. NZIDE have partnered with n3 to deliver great discounts for your business and savings you can see.

As a business buying network with over 16,000 members, n3 is dedicated to making it simple for businesses to save money.

Plus, your membership is fully covered in your NZIDE membership, so you won’t need to pay anything extra.

Note: this is only available to NZIDE members who have a full membership for the current subscription year.

To sign up for your NZIDE n3 membership click on this link to apply

Your membership with n3 gives you access to open trade accounts with their wide range of contracted suppliers, including:

– Ongoing business savings
– Easy account opening process
– Pre-negotiated terms
– Monthly invoicing
– Retain direct relationship with the supplier but get n3 rates

The n3 Trade Card can be used at some of their most popular suppliers for business purchases.

– Instant in-store discounts on all cash and EFTPOS purchases
– No need to open an account
– Easy and convenient

To see more on the Trade Card click here


Getting set up with your n3 membership is simple and can be accomplished in the following ways:

- Call 0508 20 30 40 to speak to their friendly team.
- Visit the NZIDE landing page where you can complete the form to activate your membership.


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