NZIDE was established in 1975 as a non-profit National Organisation dedicated to raising and maintaining the professional standard of Driving Instructors in New Zealand. NZIDE instructors follow a Code of Ethics in their Driving Instruction.  NZIDE is an incorporated society with a Constitution which is available to view here.

From the independent instructor to those teaching at larger driving schools, the NZIDE recognises that professional driving instructors are today’s link with tomorrow’s safer drivers.


Our Mission Statement

To promote and develop better driving standards among motorists and to promote greater road safety by the encouragement of better driving through professional instruction.



1. A Safe Learning Environment

  • It is a different relationship from family and friends, instructors teach to the approved training syllabus which relates to today’s driving conditions.
  • You have the safety of a dual control car, which means you can make mistakes without being in danger.
  • Vehicle insurance is carried on all training vehicles where possible.

2. A Code of Professional Practice

  • The NZIDE has a Code of Ethics for its members, which is in addition to the standards set by Waka Kotahi New Zealand Transport Agency. This is to help ensure you receive a professional standard of driving Instruction.

3. Continuing Tutor Education Programme

  • The NZIDE has its own National Training Programme with the stated aim of making the Institute members the best driving instructors in the country.

4. Networking for Self Development

  • NZIDE members have the opportunity to regularly meet and discuss their work with each other. This enables new ideas to be thoroughly examined and discussed by the industry’s experts. It also enables the members to learn from each others experiences.
  • Collectively, the NZIDE contains the greatest source of knowledge and expertise in the field of driver education in this country.  As an NZIDE member’s client, you will receive the benefits of that collective knowledge, and of the constant drive for better training skills.

5. Complaints Procedures (for your safeguard)

  • If you are not entirely satisfied with the service you have received from an NZIDE Instructor, your complaint will be received and investigated by the Institutes executive or if the matter involved a more serious misconduct, the Institute would recommend that the complaint be laid with Waka Kotahi (NZTA) for further investigation.
  • To make a complaint you should write to the President or Secretary at the addresses listed in our contacts page. They will give you all the assistance you need.